Terms and conditions, details

Corporate registration requirements
Any administrator needs to register personally first (ID-Name).
The minimum age for an administrator is 18.
At the corporate registration there is 1 administrator needed.
There can be 1, 2 or 3 administrators, so later 1 or 2 can be added.

Public debt conversion
The investor number and BH-Name need to be provided to the debt government.
The government then registers the investor details and debt amount at the Coresws-platform.
At the registration the debt is automatically converted to bonds.

Bond terms
The bonds are zero coupon bonds. That means they are not interest bearing.
They are valid for an indefinite period until the repurchase or conversion.
The bonds are digital bonds stored at the Coresbank-platform.
The bond holding and the use of the platform is free.

Liability for the debt
The debt government remains to be liable for the debt until all is repaid.

Repayment procedure
The debt government has to forward tax revenues from special taxes for the debt repayment.
The funds are used for the repayment of debt or to process withdrawal requests of investors.

Repurchase of bonds
First any offered bonds are repurchased, lowest offer first.
Then the remaining bonds are repurchased, oldest position first.

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